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Cloud engineers and developers are the architects of the 21st century, designing, building and maintaining the infrastructure that powers cloud-based applications, services and solutions.

A cloud platform, irrespective whether it is Azure, AWS or Google Cloud, is only as good as the people who keep it running. Whether you are looking to upgrade your legacy cloud software or scale your team, Infinity Search are your partners in connecting you with talented cloud developers across the UK and the rest of Europe.

Our eye for talent and experienced senior-level network as an IT recruitment agency endows us with both an eye for talent and an ear for the intricacies of your vacancy.

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The skills we look for when interviewing cloud engineers include:

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Foundational knowledge of cloud services, infrastructure, networking and automation

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Familiarity with
IaC concepts


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Proficiency in Python, Java and other programming languages


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Excellent problem-solving

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Strong communication






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