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What sets Infinity Search apart as an IT recruitment agency?

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We go the extra mile to understand your needs

Our approach as an IT recruitment agency is informed by our team's decades in the recruitment industry, and our resultant understanding of its shortcomings.

We set ourselves apart from conventional data and technology recruiters from the onset by providing our clients with a single contact within our senior leadership. From here we go the extra mile to understand the ins and outs of your particular vacancy, ensuring we have a complete understanding of the role and your wider business before we undertake a brief.

You can view the IT sectors and industries we coordinate recruitment for here.



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We are informed by extensive experience

Though they all work within the general label of data and IT recruitment, the experience of the Infinity Search team and its associates is as varied as it is deep. Our senior leaders (Who conduct the interviews personally) have over 100 years of experience between them, with individual specialities ranging from chief information officers to chief data officers to IT architects.

The vast experience we are able to draw on from our network both informs our decisions when it comes to candidate selection and gives us a discerning eye for talent during the initial recruitment stage.


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We have an-depth vetting process

Each one of our interviews is personally overseen and the candidates vetted by experts in the data and technology sector. This hands-on approach to vetting does not just set us apart as an IT recruitment agency but ensures that we are able to source and provide only the best data and technology the UK has to offer.

We forward our clients more than just good CVs – We forward them professionals at the very top of their respective fields.


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We take a bespoke approach to matching employers with personnel

At the same time, our vetting process is far more than simply checking references and experience. We seek to develop an intimate understand of what the candidate is looking for, their long-term aspirations, the company culture they work best within and more.

This allows us to hand-pick candidates means we can hand-pick candidates who are not just qualified, but who we trust your business will retain for years to come. We believe this approach is mutually beneficial for the candidate and client alike, providing the candidate with stable and long-term career prospects and increasing staff retain rates for businesses.